Chromadek Signs 290mm x 290mm with premium full colour print

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About our Chromadek Signs

Our chromadek signs (or chromadek boards) are:
– professionally designed
– assembled by skilled tradesman
– will last for years
– original ArcelorMittal Chromadek
– premium European vinyl
– original inks
– machine applied for perfect results

Add Protective UV Laminate required? * 

We offer an optional UV protective laminate to extend the life of your sign. This also guards against scratches, scuffing, pollution etc.

Artwork * 

Artwork creation or editing options.


About our Chromadek Signs

Our chromadek signs (aka chromadek boards) are professionally designed and assembled by skilled tradesman to produce a quality product that will last for years. From original Chromadek branded boards to premium European vinyl and original inks – we don’t shortcut anything. All prints are machine applied for perfect results and boards are carefully packaged to endure the abuse of cross-country couriers.

We’ll assist you in creating artwork that will successfully reach the goals for the sign, and you’ll be included every step of the way. We only start producing the boards once you are a 100% satisfied with the artwork, so there is no chance of you purchasing a product that you won’t be happy with. Want to supply your own artwork? No problem – simply choose the “Own Artwork” option on ordering and we’ll email you the requirements for the artwork.
Artwork should be kept clear, concise and uncluttered. Remember that signs are often viewed in passing, so the simpler it is to read the higher the chances of success. Never try and advertise every single service you offer. People are smart, so find the shortest possible method of expressing your services or products. And forget about listing every possible contact point. Just DON’T! Nobody cares about your pager and fax number.

Basic Artwork, always FREE
We’re committed to providing you with a quality product that we and you can be proud of. Sometimes this requires a bit of extra work with artwork preparation, and for most of these occasions we gladly foot the bill. Terms and Conditions apply.

The following options are available for this product:

  • Gloss or Matt Protective over-laminate (extends life of print 12-36 months, environmental conditions will vary results). Recommended where board can be touched, scratched, bumped etc. by people and objects.
  • Aluminium backing frame (for wall-mounting only)
  • Steel backing frame (for free-standing applications on poles)
  • Folded over edges (we print extra vinyl and these are wrapped around the edges to move shrinkage to back of board.

We’ve sharped our pencils….a lot. But if you believe you can find a better price elsewhere for the same product and service, let us know. View more on our PriceBeat offer here

View some past work and chromadek signs uses here

Skip the frustrating rush around town, or waiting days on end for quotes that’s “on its way”. Our website allows for instant pricing, secure ordering and prompt nationwide delivery.
Below are some reasons why ordering chromadek signs with us makes sense:

  • We’ll create awesome artwork for you, or ensure your supplied artwork is perfect for printing, all without you having to leave your office or home.
  • You will be provided soft-proofs to ensure all details are correct prior to production.
  • We only print once you are 100% satisfied with the artwork. (We also provide guidance if required on best practises so you get the most from your sign).
  • We use only original South African Chromadek® board for our signs. (No thin, sub-par imported boards)
  • We print with original manufacturer Latex inks. (…so we can assure a long lasting sign).
  • We print on high-end American and European printers. Using in printer and stand-alone colour-matching hardware, we ensure that colours are correct. (…so we can provide high quality work, repeatedly).
  • We use quality European vinyls and UV laminates. (…so the print doesn’t shrink or curl up after only a few weeks or months).
  • Prints are machine applied for a perfect finish. (…because machine applying eliminates bubbles, adhesive lines, adhesion issues, human error etc)
  • Boards are delivered nationwide, to your door. (…because who wants to try and fit a big steel board into their new hatchback?)

Additional information

Weight 0.365 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 1 mm